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What Could Peace Make Possible

by Richard Z. Duffee My own way of thinking about this question is to study an historical sequence that resulted in one of the sources of our militaristic culture. I look for the causes of an historical change that increased militarism. Then I think about what maintains that current of militarism in the present. Then […]

No War With Iran

No War With Iran: A Day of Action

We will not be forced into another war. On Thursday, January 9, at 5 p.m. local time, the anti-war majority in this country will get visible to oppose Trump’s war and say #NoWarWithIran. Trump’s reckless action has needlessly endangered countless lives of U.S. troops, Iraqis, Iranians, and countless other civilians. The devastation that a war […]

Candidates and Their Positions On Julian Assange

Julian Assange – Testing the Integrity of the 2020 Democratic Candidates

The 2020 Democratic Candidates have a wide range of opinions about the U.S.’s plans for the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange. This article provides a summary of the positions — many of which were recorded by Dack Rouleau of Tulsi Gabbard: Tulsi discusses the issues, then at 12:08 is asked: “What would you […]

Edward Snowden’s Ego: A review of Edward Snowden’s Book “Permanent Record”

By Jennifer Brown I bought Snowden’s book the first day it was for sale at a local bookstore. Interesting that is was not on display at all with the memoirs of Michele Obama and Hillary Clinton. Rather the Snowden book was undisplayed behind the cash register counter of the bookstore and you had to ask […]

Introduction to “Peace and the History and Philosophy of Law”

Richard Duffee, October 2019 The short essay below, “Crowd Control,” is the first in a series concerning the histories and impacts of broad legal issues on concerns of the peace movement —global warming, disarmament, authoritarianism, ideas of truthfulness, imperialism, and so on. Twenty years ago teaching the philosophy of law in two Indian law schools […]

The “Climate Movement” and the “Antiwar Movement” are Unequivocally Linked

My name is Fred Linck, I am a member of 350CT, and the Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition The Antiwar movement and the climate movement are unequivocally linked, there is no way to stop climate change without shutting down America’s imperialism. When corporations make billions off a war that the Government Lied to get us […]

CONFERENCE: Retooling The Ct War Economy: How We Can Build Good, Green Jobs & Infrastructure For Human Needs & Peace

The cities of Connecticut are running on empty. State government is desperate for funds. The greatest wealth gap in the nation is in Connecticut – one of the richest states in the richest country in human history. What’s going on here? At one time Connecticut had a hugely diverse manufacturing base. It now depends on […]

10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined

By Medea BenjaminThe environmental justice movement that is surging globally is intentionally intersectional, showing how global warming is connected to issues such as race, poverty, migration and public health. One area intimately linked to the climate crisis that gets little attention, however, is militarism. Here are some of the ways these issues—and their solutions—are intertwined. […]

Promoting Human Rights for Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation

On September 4, 2019 a coalition of activists including representatives of Tree of Life Educational Fund, Jewish Voice for Peace, United Church of Christ Palestine/Israel network, and Teamsters Local 677, met with Congresswoman Jahana Hayes to urge her to cosponsor H.R. 2407, “The Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act.” […]

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal Complicit in Torture of Julian Assange

by Jennifer Brown Thanks to our very own Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, award winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Julian Assange, now sits in the medical wing of high security Belmarsh Prison in the UK. This is his new home for now as the US seeks to have Assange extradited stateside so he may […]