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CONFERENCE: Retooling The Ct War Economy: How We Can Build Good, Green Jobs & Infrastructure For Human Needs & Peace

The cities of Connecticut are running on empty. State government is desperate for funds. The greatest wealth gap in the nation is in Connecticut – one of the richest states in the richest country in human history.

What’s going on here?

At one time Connecticut had a hugely diverse manufacturing base. It now depends on manufacturing handouts from the Pentagon. Today, 69% of the Federal discretionary budget – what Congress votes on every year – now goes to weapons and war. That leaves 31% to be split up among transportation, labor, health, education, housing, environment and so on.

Connecticut’s full Congressional delegation annually votes more and more money to the weapons and war budget. Connecticut’s governor and state legislators applaud every “gun” that is made here.

But every job created in weapons manufacturing displaces two jobs in creating civilian goods and services.

And now the climate warming crisis demands that we convert from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. We must retool the weapons and fossil-fuel industries. Please join us at our Conference

Middlesex Community College, Chapman Hall
Saturday, November 9th
12 noon to 4PM
Free & open to all, lunch provided

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CONFERENCE: Retooling The Ct War Economy: How We Can Build Good, Green Jobs & Infrastructure For Human Needs & Peace


Keynote: Medea Benjamin, peace & justice activist

Panel 1: Background of CT War Economy
Moderator Jim Brasile, Veterans for Peace
Miriam Pemberton, focuses on building the foundations of a postwar economy
David Ionno, Veteran and broadcaster
Mitch Linck, Veteran, peace and climate activist


Panel 2: Building Movements to ReTool CT Economy
Moderator Jen Brown
Jeremy Brecher, historian, documentary filmmaker, activist, author
Denise Tillman, youth organizer
Henry Lowendorf, peace activist

Bahman Azad, peace and justice activist

For more information:
Steve: 860-759-3699

Download a Flier => here

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