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Julian Assange – Testing the Integrity of the 2020 Democratic Candidates

Candidates and Their Positions On Julian Assange

The 2020 Democratic Candidates have a wide range of opinions about the U.S.’s plans for the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange. This article provides a summary of the positions — many of which were recorded by Dack Rouleau of

Tulsi Gabbard: Tulsi discusses the issues, then at 12:08 is asked: “What would you do about Julian Assange? What would you do about Edward Snowden?”
To which she replies (about Assange) “I’m dropping the charges”

Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth’s position doesn’t seem to have an opinion recorded in the public domain – neither print/news, Twitter, Facebook nor YouTube.

Pete Buttigieg: In response to Dack Roleau’s question, “Assange … Pardon … What will you do to help him?
Buttigieg relies, “I’m not willing to make a commitment as a candidate to issue a pardon to any individual.”

Andrew Yang In response to Dack Roleau asking, “Do you support Julian Assange”
Yang replied, “I think Julian Assange should stand trial. I am generally pro-whistleblower and pro-people who are trying to call out bad behaviors. But in that particular case , he did end up disclosing information that had no useful purpose except for potential to our [inaudible]. So I would certainty not be in favor … Yes I think he should stand trial.”

Joe Biden: Joe speaks in an older clip from when he was vice president. He says, “[Assange] is closer to being a high tech terrorist than the Pentagon Papers.”

Amy Klobuchar: In response to a question by Dack Roleau, “Do you support Julian Assange? Will you pardon Julian Assange?
Amy replies, “No,” and moves on.

Bernie Sanders In response to a question by Dack Roleau, “Do you support Julian Assange?”
Sanders moves on while saying “I support Julian Assange”
Dack: “Will you pardon him?
Sanders: “It’s a longer story. I’m aware of the issue”

Tim Ryan: In response to a question by Dack Roleau, “Wondering if you support Julian Assange and if as president would you take measures such as pardoning or commuting his sentence. I see this as part of the Trump administration’s war on Journalism.”
Ryan replies, “No, I would Not. Releasing state secrets or information you’ve gotten inappropriately is wrong …”

Beto O’Rourke: In response to Dack Roleau’s question, “Would you support Julian Assange?”
Beto replies, “I’m really concerned about the complicity – not just between the Trump Administration and Vladimir Putin – but the close connection between Wikileaks and Russian Security services.”

Julian Castro: In response to Dack Roleau’s question, “Do you support Julian Assange?”
Castro replies, “Good question (laughs and moves on)

Marianne Williamson: n response to Dack Roleau’s question, “Do you have a stance on Julian Assange?
Marianne replies, “I’m tilting in the direction of, if you’re going to stand for whistleblowers, you stand for whistleblowers … there is a dangerous shutting down — and this was even true during the Obama Administration — there is a dangerous shutting down of whistle blowers.”

Bill de Blasio: In response to a question by Dack Roleau, “Do you support Julian Assange? Will you pardon Julian Assange?”
Bill then replies, “No, I don’t, honestly … we have to address the issues that have been covered up, but I don’t think he did it the right way… I think when the issues are when peoples lives may be in danger, or actually security may be in danger, then has to be some kind of limit. Based on what I know, the impulse to get information out to the public that often times the government should provide and doesn’t that is a good impulse but the way he did it was the wrong way.”

John Delaney: In response to Dack Roleau’s question, “Any thoughts on the prosecution of Julian Assange?”
John replies, “I think the destroys any access and … acted improperly with Top Secret Information.”

Here is another article that discusses the candidates and Julian Assange.

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