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CT Peace and Solidarity Petition against New Forms of Nuclear Weapons

We urge congress to cut funding for the development of so-called low yield nuclear weapons and the 1.2 trillion dollar nuclear modernization program that the Trump administration is pursuing. This modernization program includes the rebuilding of nuclear weapon production, new designs, new missiles and extremely dangerous low yield nuclear weapons. We are embarking on a new and dangerous arms race, with little if any public discussion.

The development of low yield nuclear weapons blurs the line between conventional and nuclear warfare , thus increasing the risk that a conventional war can turn into a nuclear confrontation, and this threatens human civilization itself. Scientists are warning us that even a limited nuclear war will result in nuclear winter and the destruction of agriculture around the world.

The 1.2 trillion dollars that is slated to be spent on these horrible weapons is desperately needed to move forward with green infrastructure ,health care for all , education funding and poverty reduction.

We urge that members of the Connecticut Congressional delegation

  1. Cosponsor HR 1086 / S 401 to cut funding for the development of Low Yield Nuclear Weapons
  2. Oppose all funding for weapons prohibited under the INF treaty and for modernization of nuclear weapons
  3. Work to renew the START treaty . It is critical that the START treaty be intact , so as to avoid the development of even more destabilizing weaponry , threatening human civilization.

Download the petition => here.

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