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Connecticut’s 74th Anniversary Remembrance of Hiroshima / Nagasaki Atomic Bombs

Amid a backdrop of ongoing tensions over alleged nuclear weapons programs in Iran, known nuclear weapons programs in North Korea, Congress voting to weaken nuclear nonproliferation safeguards in a deal with India, and the United States abandoning its international commitments with funding for new forms of nuclear weapons, the Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition, HopeOutLoud, No Nukes/No War the CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition and the Greater New Haven Peace Council announce a remembrance ceremony marking the 74th Anniversary of the United States nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Each year residents from Hartford and the area surrounding gather to remember the first use of nuclear weapons. The utter devastation of the two Japanese cities will be recalled and the dread that due to technological advances, much worse destruction could be rained down upon civilians with unimaginable consequences. In past years, candle boats have been floated on the Connecticut River to signify the passing of the souls of the dead into the land beyond.

New Haven residents gather to make the moment the bombs were dropped on both August 6th got Hiroshima and August 9th for Nagasaki.


The USA upgrades it’s nuclear arsenal and more countries develop nuclear weapons. Say STOP to this Mutually Assured Destruction (MADness). Join us in a shared call for the abolition of nuclear weapons – for a nuclear free world. A call will be made for “No First Use of Nuclear Weapons … Ever Again.”


Friday August 9th

Friends (Quaker) Meeting House
144 South Quaker Lane, West Hartford

6:30 pm Pot Luck Dinner
7:00 pm Program with Music, Speakers and Poetry
8:15 pm Candle Lighting ceremony – creation of a large
Candle-lit Peace Sign on the Meeting House lawn.


New Haven

Silent Vigil for Hiroshima
Tuesday, August 6th
8:15 a.m.
New Haven Green, Flagpole

Silent Vigil for Nagasaki
Friday August 9th
11:00 a.m.
Amistad Statue, New Haven City Hall

For more information, Joe Wasserman, Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition, (860) 561-1897,

Sponsored by:
Hope Out Loud, No Nukes/No War, CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition Greater New Haven Peace Council and United Nations Association of Connecticut

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