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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal Complicit in Torture of Julian Assange

by Jennifer Brown

Thanks to our very own Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, award winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Julian Assange, now sits in the medical wing of high security Belmarsh Prison in the UK. This is his new home for now as the US seeks to have Assange extradited stateside so he may be tried for espionage. His crime? Publishing video of US Military war crimes during the Iraq War.

Most recently, Nils Melzner, a special investigator from the UN Human Rights Council, has investigated Assange’s case and has concluded that he has been tortured with the US, UK, Sweden and others participating.

Blumenthal has been especially active in using his political position to have Assange kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy (violating International Law) and handed over to the UK police. Blumenthal, a Democrat, had no trouble crossing the aisle to work with Vice President, Mike Pence, with other Democrats to have Julian ousted from the embassy. Here is a copy of the letter Blumenthal signed…

We are urging all our readers to contact Senator Richard Blumenthal, ASAP, in his Connecticut office, tel (860) 258-6940 or his Washington DC office, tel (202) 224-2823 to let him know the following…

  1. We have seen the letter he signed urging VP Pence and Moreno to work together to break International Law and end Assange’s asylum and hand him over to UK police. We know this violates International Law.
  2. As citizens of CT and the US we demand he stop being complicit in the torture of Assange as outlined numerous times by the UN and most recently by Nils Melzner.
  3. We demand he stop using his political position to dismantle our First Amendment Rights to free speech and free press.
  4. We expect him to call for the immediate release of Julian Assange and to call for an end to all efforts for his extradition as recommended by the UN and special investigator, Nils Melzner

No doubt, Blumenthal is still steaming from Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails that showed the collusion within the DNC to ensure a preselected winner for their primaries. Nevertheless, with the end of the Mueller investigation, Blumenthal’s desire to link Wikileaks with Russia and Trump have failed and he is now persecuting Assange out of spite. Let him know you see what he is doing! #FreeAssange

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