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Legislative Update

These are current legislative initiatives related to Peace, Justice and Solidarity issues.

Unconstitutional War with Iran

Please consider calling our two Senator and members of congress to ask that Congress stand up and oppose the push toward war by the Trump administration.

Please ask them to cosponsor S1039 and HR2354 to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran.

Please ask them to ask questions about the version of the explosion at sea that the Trump administration is giving us.

You can call 202-224-3121 and you can be connected to the offices of our two senators and congresspeople.

For more information:

Brief summary of pending peace legislation the CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition urges you to support.

Please contact our Senators and Congresspeople and ask them to cosponsor the resolutions. Share this information with friends – and ask them to subscribe to our newsletter.

For more information on the resolutions : Go to

Call the Congressional Switchboard Number at 202-224-3121. The system will connect you, by your zip code, to our Senators and your Congressperson.

H.R. 1274 (View on
Rep. Barbara Lee’s resolution sunsets the 2001 Authorization for Military Force. This was passed in response to 9/11 and is continually being used to justify many dangerous military interventions. This authorization should be canceled.

H. Res. 496 (View on
Introduced by Congresspersons Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and U.S. civil rights veteran Congressman John Lewis. The Resolution affirms “that all American have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

S. 200, H.R. 669 (View on , Senate version)
Requires an act of war by Congress prior to any first use of nuclear weapons. Keep the nuclear trigger out of Trump’s hand as much as possible.

H.R. 921 (View on
To establish the policy of the US regarding No First Use of nuclear weapons

H.R.1004 / S.J. Resolution 11 (View on , Senate version)
No funding for war on Venezuela without Congressional approval. You can add speak out against military intervention in Venezuela.

H.R. 1086, S 401 (HOLD THE LYNE) or S312 (View on , Senate version, S312 )
Prevention of an Arms Race Act, to cut funding for new forms of nuclear weapons, often low yield nuclear weapons. These low yield weapons may be considered usable by future military planner. Congress must cut the funding for these weapons now.

H.R. 2407 (View on The “Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act.” (To her credit Rep DeLauro originally co-sponsored this bill effective June 10, 2019, but then to her discredit, 10 day later, she removed her co-sponsorship, caving to pressures of reactionary forces).

H Res. 302 ( View on )
Embracing the goals of the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear weapons. Many of the existing nuclear powers , including the US have refused to sign this treaty.

HR 1945 ( View on )
Cuts military aid to the Honduras military, which was installed in a 2009 anti-democratic coup leading to death squads, until the cases involving the assassination of Berta Caseres and other environmentalists are solved.

HR 2354 / S 1039 (View on , Senate version)
Prevention of an unconstitutional war with Iran HR 2407 To promote the human rights of Palestinian Children under Israeli occupation

Oppose H.R. 2968 ( View on )
which would increase the military budget by 17 billion in 2020 and 33 billion in 2021 Please ask our Senators and Congress people to cut the military budget so we can fund health care ,education and the Green New Deal

Oppose H. Res. 246 in the House, and OPPOSE S. Res. 1 in the Senate (View on , Senate version)
These lend legitimacy to attacks on First Amendment-protected free speech for social justice, undermines efforts to work toward human rights and a just peace, and give the right wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a close ally of President Trump, the green light to continue attacks on Palestinians. (H.Res 246 is cosponsored by Congresspersons Larson, Courtney, DeLauro and Himes in contravention of the “progressive values” they claim to uphold). Senator Blumenthal is among the co-sponsors in the Senate. Tell them to rescind their co-sponsorship.

Nuclear weapons modernization
This is a very dangerous $1.2 trillion waste. Ask Senator Blumenthal to reverse his support for this!

This war and peace summary is made available by the CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition. Contact Joe Wasserman at 860-561-1897 or at if you have further questions