Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition (CPSC)
Activated For a Better World

About Us

The CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition

The CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition formed as a result of a conference that was held at Middlesex Community College in November 2016.   We came together to get different groups to work together, and to promote a vision of peace and justice which would appeal to people.   Since then, we held a second conference, also at Middlesex Community College, in November 2017 and our third in 2018.  

We have tried to influence the Congressional delegation to oppose war, and attended the Close the Bases Conference in Baltimore in January.  Out of that conference came a call to have national days of action against war, which we are supporting by our presence at this important April 15 March and rally.

We invite you to join us in our various activities.  We also supported the women’s marches and anti- gun violence march, and are in solidarity with the striking teachers nationwide.